#15 Killebrew Lake Balcony Outside #15 Killebrew Lake Room #15 Killebrew Lake Room Balcony Inside #15 Killebrew Lake Porch #15 Killebrew Lake Porch # 15 Killebrew Lake Room Bathroom

Killebrew Lake

French doors open onto a corner sun deck furnished with garden furniture.

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#14 Blue Heron Room. View from the bed #14 Blue Heron Room Bed #14 Blue Heron Room Porch #14 Blue Heron Sink #14 Blue Heron Bathroom

Blue Heron

Our second Honeymoon room features french doors that lead to a private furnished sun deck.

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#9 Blind Bay Room #9 Blind Bay Room

Blind Bay

Lace curtained windows overlook the harbor and out to Shaw Island.

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#10 Harney Channel Room #10 Harney Channel Room Both Beds

Harney Channel

This bright and airy room overlooks the village shops and the southwest harbor.

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#11 Buck Mountain #11 Buck Mountain Bathroom

Buck Mountain

Overlooking the English garden with a glimpse of the harbor as well.

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#12 Octavia's Attic

Octavia's Attic

Tiny, but quiet and cozy.

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#2 Port Harbor View Room #2 Port Harbor View Room

Port Harbor View

This room is located at the front of the hotel over-looking the harbor and village.

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#1 Starboard Harbor View #1 Starboard Harbor View #1 Starboard Harbor Room Window

Starboard Harbor View

This room has a direct view of the harbor as well as the garden.

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#4 Mahogany


Looks out upon the village and the harbor beyond with lots of southwest sunshine.

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This room has a lovely view of the garden and has its own full bathroom facilities.

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#6 Morning Glory Room #6 Morning Glory Room #6 Morning Glory Room

Morning Glory

Overlooking the village with a lot of afternoon sun.

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#8 Blind Island Room

Blind Island

Overlooking the village with plenty of sunshine.

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